5 Benefits of bicycle

5 Benefits of  bicycle

1.HAPPINESS. Biking to work is pleasant for everyone. Because on a such trip you have the opportunity to breathe fresh air and see the beautiful streets of your city.Of course, this situation will also be enjoyable spiritually and will also help to strengthen your body physically. Bicycles really bring to life a peaceful life. Because the pleasure of riding a bicycle to observe the incomparable beauties of nature must also be unique.
2.PHYSICAL EDUCATION.We promote a healthy lifestyle by exercising through cycling.Even the total amount of dissolved calories depends on physiological and speed of movement. Bicycles also help eliminate minor side effects excess calories, in joints such as running. Bicycles improve the work of the heart and respiratory systems reduce blood pressure increase energy train your muscles and maintain a stable balance.
3.SPECIFICATION. Going to work on a bicycle creates a plesant feeling in a person like lust.Probably a factor as to why they are doing so poorly.Numerous experiments have shown that daily physical activity to reduce the level of nervous tension alleviates the symptoms of depression improves the sleep of people who suffer from insomnia and reduces feelings of fear anxiety.
4. THE ABILITY OF THINKING.Bicycling from time to time helps to become a professional. Moderate daily weights prevent a decline in mental activity improve memory cognitive ability and improve the productivity of the brain. It should also be noted that all of this has been proven on the basis of experiments and studies conducted by experts.
5.HEALTH. It isn’t important  to talk about the benefits of cycling to human health.Because the muscles of the feet move and strengthen while riding the bike.The normal heart rate of a healthy person is estimated to be 65-70 per minute while in people who cycle from time to time it is reduced by 8-10 times per minute.This indicates that the heart is working steadily. 

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