Arkadag Respect to the dears- eternal glory to the heroes

 Arkadag  Respect to the dears- eternal glory to the heroes
     In the recent time was held a meeting  at the Turkmen state institute physical education and sports  which was named “Arkadag Respect to the dears-eternal glory to the heroes”. The meeting  was held in honor of our veterans who fought in the Great Patriotic  War, as well as in honor of  the tutors who managed to make their mark on the historical pages of the sports world.
     Respectable guests of the meeting told about  our  hero Arkadag  at the present time is creating  great opportunities us  for studing, learning, and  living .
     Also guests noted in the Epoch of  Might and Happiness that it is condition for each of us to succeed  in our careers is response to the opportunities created by seeing  pleasure. The meeting was helded  organized and it ended to say thankful to our honorable President.
Rustem Saparov Lecturer of  Department of  Physical culture and Gymnastics of the Turkmen State Institute Physical Education and Sports



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