Faculty of the Olympic Types of Sport

Faculty of the Olympic Types of Sport established in accordance with the Decree N1.262 of the President of Turkmenistan dated on June 12, 2019. The objectives defined by the head of state include improvement of the system of training highly qualified coaches and athletes on scientific basis in elite types of sport included into the Program of the Olympic Games. Faculty trains coach-instructors in 31 Olympic kinds of sports. Students are trained to teach children and adults to Olympic types of sports, to carry out instructor’s activity and research work. 

The main tasks of the faculty:

  • Training of highly qualified specialists on theoretical and practical based methods and conditions in Olympic kinds of sports in Turkmenistan; 
  • To create local system for improvement of the Olympic kinds of sports and to carry out research work in this field; 
  • Select highly qualified athletes because of the specific features of the Olympic kinds of sports, make up the rules of testing their level of preparation which defines physical and mental possibilities of the athletes; 
  • Complex analysis and assessment of the functional possibilities of the sportsmen body by using innovative technologies that meet contemporary demands; 
  • Preparation of highly qualified sportsmen to be able to work with modern digital technologies and equipment;
  • Preparation of methodical manuals and textbooks as well as setting up a literary base for development Olympic types of sports.



744013, Aşgabat şäheri, Saparmyrat Türkmenbaşy şaýoly, 40-njy jaý.
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744013, город Ашхабад, пр. Сапармурата Туркменбаши, дом 40.

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