Physical education and sport

The Sports Club of the Institute is hosting a multifaceted and consistent event to incorporate a healthy lifestyle through physical education and sports into the daily lives of students and teachers. Forms personal and social hygiene, self-control, fights against bad habits. Also organizes marches to the Health Road and participates in the organization and holding of mass sports and health events in our country.
According to the work schedule of physical education and sports events under the slogan “Turkmenistan is a country of spirituality and health” announced by the our Esteemed President, there are regular competitions in sports among students of higher education institutions of the country. According to the results of those competitions, the students of the Sports Club are able to win the championship every year. Such gratifying results are achieved with the close support of the faculty of the institute, special specialists, as well as the organizations operating at the institute.
At present, the national teams of our institute carry out high-level training in sports in order to represent Turkmenistan not only in our country, but also in international competitions. 
The student athletes of the institute have won prizes by performing effectively at world championships, international competitions in various sports. Among the graduates and students of the institute are many athletes who have always written in golden letters in the history of Turkmen sports. Students and graduates of the institute were also expected to show high results at the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in 2017 held in our capital, at the Amul-Hazar-2018 International Rally and at the 2018 World Weightlifting Championships held in our capital.
High results are achieved as a result of the concerted efforts of perfect teachers, richly experienced professors, Honored Coaches of Turkmenistan, international masters of sports, working in the Institute in educational-scientific, scientific-methodical and cultural-public, physical education-health works. Our institute has all the conditions to improve the quality of education provided to students and to improve their sports skills. Thus, our student-athletes who are being educated at our institute have successfully performed in international competitions and have won a total of 1109 medals (374 gold medals, 314 silver medals, 421 bronze medals) in international sports competitions since 2010.



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